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Welcome to AppsBeijing.com!

We are an IT and software development company based in the capital of China. Every day we work with some of the world’s most innovative ideas and creative startups. We have extensive experience with Apple iOS, Google Android, Windows software, and server development. Our company and team of engineers undertake very complex development issues for our clients from around the world.

Whether you want to setup projects on smart devices or maintain compatibility across platforms, or create innovative and powerful websites, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Your ideas is our work.

Best regards,

Frank Meng

What we do

iOS Development

Our team has extensive experience in developing innovative iOS products for iOS devices. We can handle complex app projects based on your ideas or help you modify existing apps. We work closely with you to meet your specifications while shaping creative solutions for an intuitive user experience.

Android Development

We have extensive experience in developing innovative products for Android. We can ensure cross-platform-compatibility and undertake app development that are stable across Android smart devices (watch, tablet, phone).

Web Development

Whether you wish to implement powerful and cutting edge WordPress sites or websites using Java, HTML5, C#, PhP, our company can facilitate your creative ideas and projects. We can create new or modify existing websites, or create platforms to leverage your mobile apps.

Server development

We have great expertise in server development across service providers based in Asia, Europe and the US. Our team has experience working with java, asp.net (including Windows software development), php; Mysql, Oracle, PostgreSql, MS-SQL Server, CentOS, Debian, and Amazon Web Services.

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Email: info@appsbeijing.com

WeChat: 13366769272

Skype: mengfanpp

Pricing and Terms

We will initiate all projects with a consultation to understand your specific needs and project details.

We assess your project to determine the workload and lead time required as well as the development cost. We guarantee market competitive quote on every project.

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Feel free to use the form below to contact us with any inquiry you may have. We promise a quick reply. You can also reach us through our e-mail: info@appsbeijing.com

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Add us on:

WeChat: 13366769272

Skype: mengfanpp

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About Us

We are an IT development company based in Beijing - capital of China. We do applications, web, design, and other development work. Feel free to contact us with your ideas and projects.

Your ideas is our work.




Beijing Xiang Rui Guangze Co., Ltd.
No.16, Xiaoying West Road,Haidian District Beijing, P. R. China
WeChat: 13366769272
Skype: mengfanpp